Floor Plan

Before & after if applicable. Scale must be clearly labeled. Please refer to NKBA guidelines. BEFORE & AFTER SPECIALTY CATEGORY must include “before” floor plan & “before” photos

Interpretative Drawing

Elevations only (perspective drawings not accepted). Please refer to NKBA guidelines.

Design Statement

200-500 words MAXIMUM. Explain highlights and solutions. Entries with Design Statements over 500 words will be penalized.


Photographs are required to be submitted with entry. A maximum number of 6 after photos are to be submitted. Before photos are in addition to the maximum of 6 after photos.

Professional photography Is highly recommended as the submitted photography is used for publication and at the Design Awards Gala.

• High Resolution can help get you PUBLISHED
• Photographs should be at least 300 DPI for print purposes.
• For 8X10 image the resolution should be around 2400 x 3000 (8 times 300 = 2400) x (10 times 300 = 3000) It is always better to shoot at a higher resolution as you can always go down in size but not up in size or you lose clarity.

Photo Release

Signed Photo Release from project owner / client.

Release from Employer

If applicable.

Entry Fee

$75.00 for each entry. Click here to select your category and make payment.


Be sure to include your headshot and that of your co-designer.