The competition is open to all current NKBA Ontario Chapter members (individuals, individuals of companies, or companies). All entrants must be members in good standing at the time of application submission and throughout the duration of the competition. Any entrants found to not have a current membership will be required to bring their membership status up to date immediately, in order to continue in the competition and not be disqualified. member. Co designers are not required to be members of NKBA. Non NKBA members can click here to become members.

Projects must have been completed between: October 1, 2022 and October 1, 2023

Entries, if published prior to the announcement and official publication of the competition results, must not make reference to this competition or will be disqualified.

No company or designer information will be allowed on any entry documents except for the application form. Entries will be disqualified if information (included but no limited to): indicating location, designer name, company or identity of people or persons involved in the project has been included, submitted or part of any entry material including photos and file names. No persons should be present in any photos submitted.

If the entrant is not the owner of the business that billed the project, owner approval is required for eligibility. The owner is not required to be a member of NKBA.

All entries must include a photo release from the project owner/client.

On your entry form, please select the category which your project best represents. Judges reserve the right to enter a project in a more appropriate category, if necessary.

Entries are limited to 2 per person per category (including co designer) up to a maximum of 6 categories

Entry Fees are $75.00 total per entry.

All identifying designer and firm information should be deleted from all floor plans, interpretive drawings, design statements and project photos. All submitted materials become property of NKBA Ontario Chapter and will not be returned.

Competition Rules

All award applications, submissions, and payments will be done through the Awardify platform by creating your account. Refer to the "How to Enter" page for more details.

The overall purpose of this event is to honor and give local recognition to designers and companies in the design, construction, fabrication and manufacturing of kitchens and bathrooms residing in the province of Ontario. This recognition of talent will expose these contributors to the general population and allow them to choose whom they may wish to do future projects with.

In the event a category has low number of entrants the NKBA Design Committee reserves the right to combine entries into similar categories (bathrooms with bathrooms, kitchens with kitchens) to maintain the element of competition. The judges have the option to re-categorize combined entries.

The Pinnacle Winner is selected from all first-place entries excluding Promotional Display and is the overall best design in the competition.

Deadline for Project SubmissionNovember 13, 2023 @ 11:59 pm this requires the upload of ALL documents into your account and selected category(ies) PHOTOS, DRAWINGS, STATEMENT & RELEASE DOCUMENTS (found here).

If you foresee a conflict meeting this deadline please contact us at nkbaontario@gmail.com. Once the deadline has passed no further submissions can be uploaded.

NKBA Ontario Chapter retains nonexclusive rights to all photography for future promotional, public relations and education purposes. Professional photography is highly recommended, the submitted photography is used for publication of winners online and in print. Reshoots are not possible. Entries that do not include professional photography will not be penalized but also may not be considered for publication and promotion.

All winning entries will be featured at the NKBA Ontario Chapter Design Gala Awards on TBD at the TBD. Final purchase date for Gala tickets is January 15, 2024 at 5:00pm.